Acceptable Use Policy

The website is managed by the company named Zuxx Limited. The registered office is located at 14 the sycamore, Basildon, Essex SS13 2E. The Acceptable Use Policy is applicable to all the users of the site, including the visitors as well. All the users, when using the site would agree to abide by all the terms and conditions mentioned in the Acceptable Use Policy. This Acceptable Use Policy is a supplement to the Terms and Conditions of using the website.

Prohibited Use on the Website

The site should not be used for any activities, which are illegal in nature or breaches any regulation or law.

The site is prohibited to use for any fraudulent activity or has that kind of purpose or effect.

The site must not be used for attempting to abuse minors.

There should be no activities like download, upload, send /receive (knowingly) of any data to and from the site for purposes that do not comply the standards of the content.

Any unauthorised or unsolicited promotional material or advertisement should not be transmitted via the website.

Transmission of or uploading any such contents which are capable of potentially harming any hardware or software of a computer are strictly prohibited.

Any part of the site that breaches the provisions of the Website Use Terms & Conditions should not be duplicated, reproduced or re-sold.

Any part of the site, any network or equipment on which the site has been stored or owned and used by a third party and software that are used in the site provisioning should not be accessed to interfere with, without authority or with the intent of disruption or damage

Content Standards for Contribution

There is a code of standards for all the contributions that are made. The website management will have the sole authority to determine whether a contribution is as per the content standards and should be complied with spirit along with towards the letter.

A contribution should be accurate, authentic, relevant and must comply with the laws of the country where it is published.

A contribution should not be defamatory, offensive, obscene, inflammatory or hateful.

It should not promote discrimination of any kind based on caste, creed, gender, race, nationality, religion, physical disability, age or sexual orientation.

A contribution must not breach any copyright, patent, trademark, database rights along with third party owned legal duty like confidence or contractual duty.

There should not be disclosure of any personal data with respect to any individual in the contributions like name, contact numbers or ids, address, etc.

Any contempt of court is not accepted in any of the contribution.

Harassment or embarrassment of anyone by annoying, alarming or upsetting then is not allowed in any of the contribution.

Impersonation of any person or misinterpreting someone’s identity in contribution is not permitted.

There should not be any impression that the contribution emanates from the website management.

No illegal or criminal act should be advocated, promoted or incited by any third party either to be committed or assisted with.

The contribution should not contain statements which should not be linked to encourage, induce, prepare or instigate terrorism at all.

No advertising or promoting of any third party websites or services are allowed in the contributions.


The website management has the non-exclusive license to use, alter, edit, reproduce, publish, and distribute the contents of an individual’s contribution. However, the owner of the contents of the contribution would be able to own the copyrights.

The management’s license would be free of costs perpetual as well as capable of any sub-license. The publicity rights of the materials would be exercised by the website authority.

Rules Breaching Outcomes

It is solely dependent on the site authority to decide when the rules have been breached or not. If they are, then one would have withdrawal of rights to use the site and removal of their contents. In case the matter is serious then it might be dragged to the court for legal proceedings.

Refund Policies

The free trial version of the website should only be used to verify whether it suits the client’s needs or not. There is no refund policy for the payment that has been made to the website management. All the payment must be submitted at the time of Sign Up.

Changes in Policies

The management is liable to make any policy changes at any time. It is advised to keep a check on the page regularly to stay updated about the website’s policies.